Earth Day and Renewable Energy

Happy Earth Day everyone! Go outside and smell the flowers. If you are allergic then maybe just take a walk. But the point is go outside and soak it all in. This earth that we are living on is really an amazing place. There is such an incredible diversity of life on this planet not to mention all of the breath taking scenery. While you are on your walk today climb up to the top of a hill and look at the view.  I love how small I feel when I am looking out over the world. Personally I really want to be able to pass this along to many future generations.

Humans have an amazing capability to find resources and use them to advance their quality of life. It really does impress me how inventive people are.  We can find this substance in the ground called coal and realize that it burns really well. From there we inventivefigure out ways to use that heat energy from coal to do all sorts of wonderful things.  Our productivity exploded during the industrial revolution when people were harnessing the energy stored in coal to help us with all kinds of tasks including transportation, manufacturing, heating our homes, and eventually generating electricity.  I am very thankful for all of the innovations that have come as a result of this captured energy, and my life is much easier than the lives of my relatives only a few generations back because of it.

Today I think it is time for us to start looking at new resources that we can exploit in order to propel our society forward. Today I want to start using resources to power our lives that don’t also alter the earth.  It’s exactly the same idea as before only now we know a little more about the consequences of burning coal and oil. With a small tweak of the resources that we use, we can continue to have all of the wonderful things we are accustomed to and throw one additional wonderful thing on that list, the earth.

Now go out and take a walk. Really, go now it’s nice out.

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