Nevada Legislature is Considering a Bill Requiring 80% Renewable Energy

I really believe that over the next 20 years the world is going to continue to move in the direction of more renewable energy generation. It seems like the public has a desire for renewable energy while at the same time, the prices of solar are dropping quickly. These economic forces will inevitably lead to new renewable generation coming online.

In the meantime, governments can stimulate the growth of renewables by passing laws requiring states to reach certain renewable goals. Nevada was actually one of the first states to set a renewable energy target. They passed the law in 1997 requiring any energy seller in the state to have at least 25 percent of its energy portfolio be made up of renewables. This was a very aggressive target at the time, and to be fair it is still one of the highest targets in the nation.  There is a small problem though. As a state, we were too good at bringing renewable energy online. As of 2013, NV energy was already nvenergy rpssourcing 25 percent of its energy from renewable sources. The original 25 percent goal had the intention of ramping up renewable sources slowly until we could achieve the goal by the year 2025.

The unfortunate part of achieving goals is that it usually leads to a more aggressive goal the next time. Well, Nevada met its goal twelve years ahead of schedule, and now it is time to bump up the goal.  There is currently a bill in the legislature that would require Nevada to increase its renewable portfolio to 80 percent by the year 2040.  Based on talk from people involved with this bill, there is a lot of support for it, and it is likely to pass.  Nevada has huge spreads of unused land that can be used for solar generation. It also has the second highest geothermal potential in the country. By passing this bill, we will return to one of the leading states for renewable energy in the nation.  Nevada would be second only to Hawaii with their goal of 100 percent renewable by the year 2045.

If you think Nevada should increase its renewable energy portfolio standard please contact your state representative and let them know.

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Author: evannwarner

I currently work at a geothermal power company as the Asset Manager. Working in this position has given me a deep understanding of today’s current energy market as well as an understanding of how renewable energy fits into the picture. My background is in mechanical engineering which gives me insight into how the technical side of energy generation works. After gaining this valuable knowledge about the current energy market, I am interested in finding ways to improve the situation. I would like to work with new ideas and techniques to make advances in energy generation technology. As part of my quest to find new and better methods for our energy Future, I am also interested in where inspiration for ideas comes from. In particular, finding new applications for existing ideas is a powerful idea in my mind. Some of the great breakthroughs in our society occurred as a result of people thinking of new applications for existing ideas.

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